FUCHS Europoles GFK GmbH, based in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany, stands out from the rest with over 50 years of experience and outstanding quality through our certified quality management according to DIN-EN-ISO-9001-2015.

We offer standard and custom solutions as well as turnkey systems including all services from consulting to dismantling. A global company, we process glass-reinforced plastics using established technologies and also produce hybrid designs combining FRP, steel and concrete. This means that we are able to offer all our customers ideal solutions to suit their individual needs.

With our experience and know-how gained from more than 50 years of FRP pole construction, expertise in solving technical problems and ability to manage projects in close cooperation with our customers and partners, we are in a class of our own. Our global customers come from industry, the public sector, construction and trade. We serve the transport, energy and telecommunications infrastructure markets, but also realise applications in the lighting sector.

Special projects

What we are particularly proud of.


Bio-based poles

Instead of glass fibres, natural flax fibres are used in the manufacture of these environmentally friendly poles. The poles still remain extremely robust and stable. In the Netherlands, we were already able to realise numerous projects with our partner Circulus BV.


FRP antenna tower

This colourful antenna tower ensures the best reception in sunny Spain. Thanks to the low self-weight, the tower could be easily installed on the roof of the fire station.


Aerial marker balls for the Freiburg S-Bahn urban-suburban rail system

Freiburger Verkehrs AG is currently expanding the S-Bahn network of the university city. For this, we delivered fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) catenary poles with so-called aerial marker balls attached. Thanks to this, the overhead line of the rail stretch in Breisgau can be seen from a great distance. The masts have a height of 6 metres and, on account of the FRP material, are electrically non-conducting.


Orangutan poles

At Zoo Basel, the outdoor facilities of the great apes were redesigned. The exotic plants and the slender FRP poles, meant to resemble bamboo, were used to imitate the natural habitat of the animals.

Online report from 2012


May pole

Brown-coloured, tilting, 15-m-high May pole made of FRP with a steel baseplate and extra clips for attaching a flag. An adapter for a ‘real’ tree was installed on the top of the pole.


Meteorological mast for the Großer Arber

Even on the highest mountains in Germany, you will find products from FUCHS Europoles GFK GmbH. In this case, it’s a tilting meteorological mast with integrated lightning protection for the German Meteorological Service (DWD). It was transported by helicopter to the summit and installed.


Mobile high ropes course

The KIWI Connection, known for creative outdoor sporting activities, commissioned us with the building of a mobile ‘climbing mast’. The result is a 4.5-m-high FRP mast with rungs and rubber protection at the bottom. Now, even without mountains or indoor climbing walls, there is nothing stopping you from climbing.


Hard shell, soft core.

Our glass-reinforced plastic poles are manufactured using a patented centrifugal casting technique. Glass fibre mats are wound around a metal mandrel and placed in a chrome-plated steel mould. In the subsequent centrifugal casting process, the reinforcing and matrix materials are compacted through strong centrifugal force and the addition of resins.

Safe and robust

This results in a product whose properties guarantee maximum passive safety in accordance with the frangibility requirements. The material breaks on impact, making it a supremely safe option to protect road users, for example. Fully insulated, non-conducting and with a low flammability, FRP poles meet high safety standards. Poles made of glass-reinforced plastic are light, but robust: they are resistant to wind loads, vandalism, weather influences and corrosion, making them maintenance-free and durable. In addition, good vibration absorption ensures a long service life for any luminaires or other fittings attached.

Environmentally friendly materials

Our FRP poles are manufactured from environmentally friendly lightweight materials with a low energy input. Their low weight means that transport and installation costs are also reduced.

RAL-compliant design

Already during the centrifugal casting process, the poles can be given any RAL colour based on the customer’s wishes. The colours are UV-resistant and the pole surface remains completely smooth, scratch-resistant, homogeneous and seamless. Mechanical damage on the pole surface can easily be touched up.

Our products

Top quality in a wide array of applications.

Airport infrastructure

Frangibility as the highest priority.

Safe take-off and landing.

That is the intention behind our solutions for use at airports. Our product range includes poles for runway lighting and all supports for instrument landing systems (ILS): guide slope towers, localizer supports, DME and monitor masts, windsock masts, TACAN (tactical air navigation system) towers, meteorological masts and FRP shelters.

They all have one thing in common. With their lightweight construction employing fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), they meet the stringent requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and guarantee a high level of passive safety. Thus, in accordance with frangibility requirements, predetermined break points ensure that the masts break without sparking if an aircraft collides with them. Another protective effect is provided by the slender FRP masts as a result of the manufacturing process: a cavity is created in the pole core for routing of the cables for the technical systems. Almost all poles can be optionally fitted with tilting baseplates to facilitate preventive and corrective maintenance.

Level crossing barriers

FRP – the reliable material.

Durable, economical and versatile: railway level crossing barriers made of glass-reinforced plastic reliably provide added safety in road traffic.

The dense, smooth surfaces of the level crossing barriers make them resistant to weathering. Corrosion is also not an issue for this material. Due to their long service life and the absence of subsequent costs for care or maintenance, glass-reinforced plastic level crossing barriers are extremely economical.
The masts are supplied in white as standard, but are also available in any RAL colour.

Each level barrier crossing is covered with a weather-resistant and highly reflective film designed according to country-specific requirements for reflecting incident light without glare. Our level crossing barriers are available in various lengths and have a modular design. In addition, we can provide custom features such as LED lighting or pole fracture monitoring.


Make yourself more recognisable.

Flagpoles made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) stand for maximum ease of handling, economical implementation and variable application possibilities. Configure your pole yourself: select from different lengths and colours as well as diverse accessories – matching the surroundings and suitable for almost any flag size. We offer you four types in different versions for different applications:

Flagpole type comparison

With the adjustable hoisting device, the flag can easily be re-tightened. 

Special features:

  • tilt function
  • external hoisting

With an internal hoisting device, this pole protects against flag theft and vandalism.

Special features:

  • tilt function
  • internal hoisting

A swivel arm prevents the flag from wrapping around the pole and allows for a 360° direction adjustment so that your flag is highly visible even with no wind.

Special features:

  • tilt function
  • swivel function

The swivel arm with hoist function keeps your flag up and clearly visible – even when there is no wind. The internal hoisting device protects it against vandalism and theft. Pro advantage: The arm can be lowered for quick and easy changing of the flag with no need to lower the main flagpole.

Special features:

  • tilt function

  • swivel function

  • internal hoisting

Light poles

The better alternative to steel.

With light poles made of glass-reinforced plastic, you are always on the safe side. Our EN-40-7 certified poles offer a maximum degree of passive safety and thus meet the requirements of the internationally known frangibility regulations. The light poles made of this material also have a number of other advantages:

  • Resistant to corrosion by road salt
  • Poles break in event of a collision
  • Maintenance-free
  • Good vibration absorption contributes to longer service life for luminaires and fittings
  • Poles available in all RAL colours; UV-resistant colours
  • Two foundation variants: with embedded base or with baseplate
  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and comparatively low energy input
  • Low transport and installation costs owing to low self-weight
  • High dynamic and mechanical strength – to withstand extreme wind loads
  • Non-conducting – fully insulated on account of material properties (lightning protection)
  • Mechanical damage on pole surface can be touched up

Overhead transmission poles

Our hybrid system is unbeatable.


The hybrid pole features a high strength and a low deflection with a comparatively low weight. Even in extreme weather conditions, it behaves extremely well; transverse vibrations and ice-induced galloping are not a concern. Thanks to the high dielectric strength / insulating properties of the FRP upper attachment, there is no risk of electric shock. With steel and FRP, there is no chance of insect infestation, damage by wild animals or rot.


The FRP top section can be flexibly provided with drilled holes and recesses either in the factory or on site. Existing attachments such as cross arms, clamps and sleeves can be reused. The hollow pole is ideal for safely accommodating cables and, if required, earthing. The connection between the steel and the FRP part is a structural element designed to yield in case of an extreme event. For example, if the pole is struck by a falling tree, the upper section breaks off and can simply be replaced, while the steel section underneath stays in place.

The electrically insulating FRP upper section protects alighting and sitting birds and meets the strict German application rules for protection of birds on medium-voltage overhead lines (VDE-AR-N 4210-11). With short distances between phases, the birds are protected by a special perch installed on the cross arm.


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